Small Business & Microenterprise Grant (SBMA) Program

Business Oregon has partnered with CCD Business Development Corporation, a private nonprofit economic development organization to administer and process the $3 million dollars allocated to the CDBG-CV Statewide Emergency Small Business & Microenterprise Grant Program, intended to help businesses remain solvent and able to retain/create low- and moderate-income jobs.


This program is funded with federal grant funds from the Oregon Community Development Block Grant program CARES Act funding for communities affected by COVID-19. Technical assistance is available to assist with completing the application process. You may use Google Translate on the application registration and program webpages for non-English languages or please contact CCD Business Development Corporation at 1-888-263-0971 or [email protected] for additional assistance.  Video tutorials for both small business and microenterprise applications, including helpful tips, are also available.

The window will close January 27 on state-funded help for some small businesses.

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